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Lawnchair is a complete launcher that mimics the Pixel Launcher look exclusive to Android smartphones. This version, developed from the AOSP Launcher 3, offers a ton of options when it comes to customizing its menus and icons.

Once you’ve installed it, the launcher adds Pixel Pill to your desktop which will take you to a Google search bar as well as the permanent date and time widget. The app drawer that appears when you swipe vertically on your desktop will also be activated. The icons also vary and the Google ones will appear surrounded by a white circle. The best part is that Google Now is available by swiping horizontally towards the left.

But what’s truly surprising about Lawnchair is that all these features can be modified from the app’s settings menu which you access by long tapping on your screen. Among the tons of different adjustments, you can customize your search bar, activate or deactivate any of the default options or change the size, shape and separation space between the icons.

Lawnchair is, alongside other renowned customizers such as Nova Launcher, one of the best ways to customize your smartphone and adapt it to the Android standards. Also, you don’t need Android Nougat for it to work.
By Erika Okumura

Requires Android 6.0 or higher